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Supreme Court Upholds the Muslim Ban

Today, the Supreme Court decided to uphold the Muslim Ban, ruling that it will remain in effect. Our list of experts available to speak about the ban includes those directly impacted by the ban, legal and policy experts, and national security experts. 

Sirine has been involved with all aspects of opposition to the Muslim ban, including litigation, airport response, FOIA work, and various advocacy efforts. She is one of the lead attorneys in IAAB v. Trump.
Zahra was on the ground at the airports working with impacted individuals when the first Muslim Ban was signed and has since advised dozens of individuals from the Banned countries, is a named plaintiff in Sarsour v. Trump challenging the Bans, and co-leads the national No Muslim Ban Ever campaign
Farhana Khera has led Muslim Advocates in 8 lawsuits against the Trump Administration regarding the Muslim Ban, and is a key organizer of the We Will Not Be Banned rally scheduled to take place on the Muslim Ban decision day.

Source Spotlight

Arjun S. Sethi

Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
Washington D.C.
Arjun S. Sethi is an expert in promoting governmental policy that safeguards the civil rights and liberties of communities of color.

Arjun Sethi is a writer, attorney, and professor based in Washington, D.C. He is a frequent commentator on civil rights and civil liberties related issues, and teaches courses on surveillance, profiling, and counter terrorism. His work has appeared in numerous national outlets, including CNN, The Guardian, USA Today, and The Washington Post, and he has been widely quoted in print, radio and television, including by The New York Times, The Independent, BBC America, BBC World Radio, and NPR.

Surveillance, Racial/Religious Profiling, Hate Violence/Hate Crimes, Discrimination and Bigotry, US Politics, National Security, Sikhism