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8.5 Million Experts at SCOTUS Oral Arguments

As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments around the Muslim ban today, April 25th, a number of experts from 8.5 Million were in the court overseeing the proceedings. The following experts were in the room and are available to comment.

Zahra Billoo is a civil rights attorney and the executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). As such, she leads the oldest CAIR chapter in the country, serving the Bay Area's 250,000 Muslims.
Sirine Shebaya is a Senior Staff Attorney with Muslim Advocates. Prior to joining Muslim Advocates, she spent many years advocating for the civil rights of immigrants and other communities of color.
Dr. Debbie Almontaser is affiliated with the Yemeni American Merchants Association of New York (YAMA), which was birthed through the Yemeni Bodega Strike in New York in Protest to the Executive Order Travel Ban.

Source Spotlight

Hussein Rashid

Professor of Religion, Barnard College
New York, NY
Hussein Rashid teaches religious and cultural literacy to facilitate a widespread understanding of Islam and educate against anti-Muslim bias.

Hussein Rashid, PhD, is founder of islamicate, L3C, a consultancy focusing on religious literacy and cultural competency. He currently teaches in Barnard College’s Department of Religion. He works with a variety of NGOs, foundations, non-profits, and governmental agencies for content expertise on religion broadly, with a specialization on Islam. His work includes exploring theology, the interaction between culture and religion, and the role of the arts in conflict mediation.

Discrimination and Bigotry, Islam, Interfaith Relations, Arts