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Fourth Circuit of Appeals Blocks Muslim Ban 3.0

In a 9-4 ruling this morning, the Fourth Circuit of Appeals upheld the lower court's preliminary injunction against Muslim Ban 3.0, on the basis that it likely violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Today’s Fourth Circuit decision follows one by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which ruled against the latest ban on statutory grounds on December 22. The injunction is stayed pending review by the Supreme Court. 

Of Yemeni heritage herself, Dr. Almontaser - with a collective of bodega owners - led the historic Bodega Strike and rally in Brooklyn, Borough Hall, in response to the Muslim Ban, where thousands of store owners peacefully protested the unjust ban.
Sahar F. Aziz is a Professor of Law, Chancellor’s Social Justice Scholar, and Middle East and Legal Studies Scholar at Rutgers University Law School. She can speak as a constitutional scholar and legal expert on the Ban.
Sirine Shebaya is a Senior Staff Attorney with Muslim Advocates. Shebaya helped draft the case heard by the Maryland district court in October, on the basis of which it issued a preliminary injunction against the third iteration of the Muslim Ban.

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Naureen Shah

Senior Director of Campaigns, Amnesty International USA
Naureen Shah is an expert in human rights issues related to national security, as well as counterterrorism policy and its effects on American Muslims.

Naureen Shah is the Senior Director of Campaigns at the US section of Amnesty International. She manages Amnesty International’s work to respond to crisis, including developments arising from conflicts, coups and rapid political changes. She also manages the US sections work to advance human rights in the face of a global refugee crisis and attacks on free expression and human rights activists.

National Security, Human rights, Surveillance, Terrorism